Total Joint Replacement

Total Joint Replacement

There are more than 1 million total joint replacement (arthroplasties) performed in the United States annually. By the year 2030 this is estimated to increase to nearly 4 million. This procedure is typically reserved for patients who have exhausted traditional nonsurgical treatment options but yet continued to live with pain and disability.

This practice has performed thousands of these procedures over the last quarter century with outcomes that match nationally accepted standards. Since Dayton Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine remains independent and unencumbered by the typical hospital bureaucracy, we believe we are capable of offering a better selection of prosthetic implants from a variety of industry leaders.

It is our opinion and belief that not every medical company can provide a joint implant that meets all needs for all ages. Therefore we are proud to offer the best products from a variety of companies. Our affiliation with multiple different hospitals allows us a greater latitude in the use of these devices and better operating times.

Total joint surgery should not be taken lightly. All treatment options that are nonsurgical should be considered first before considering joint implantation.

total joint replacement

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total joint replacement
total joint replacement

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Since 1993, Dayton Orthopedic Surgery has been dedicated to delivering the gold-standard for Orthopedic care in the Miami Valley. With over 60 years’ combined experience, our expert staff treats a wide range of bone and joint dysfunctions caused by trauma, sports injuries and degenerative conditions.  

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“Listened & understood my needs before surgery. The surgery went very well, and was just as he explained. Post surgery recovery time was much less than expected. Absolutely no pain, very minimal discomfort, and was back doing my normal routine with only slight modification within 2 months. I am very, very happy with Dr. Paley & his staff.”

After another Doctor screwed my knee up and told me it was all in my head I went to Dr. Paley he has done two surgeries to correct the first one and is by far the best and most caring Doctor I have seen. His whole office staff are wonderful people that are always happy to be there and his Physicians Assistants actually know what they are doing. Great great great!