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We help athletes of all levels — and all ages — achieve the health and well-being needed to pursue their goals.

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If pain or an injury are keeping you from the activities you love, our sports and musculoskeletal specialists are here to provide non-surgical treatment options and a highly personalized and multifaceted plan.

Drawing on specialized training and passion for sports medicine, our doctors collaborate closely with you to deeply understand the cause of your pain or injury, guide your recovery and develop strategies to prevent future pain. We understand that whether you are an active person, a weekend warrior or a competitive athlete, an injury can significantly disrupt your active lifestyle.

Our top priority is helping you get back to the sports or activities that bring you joy — and enjoy an active life for years to come.

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Injury Rehabilitation & Care

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Surgical & Non-Surgical Treatment

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Functional Analysis

Sports medicine derived from the need to treat and prevent the injuries of elite athletes, but this branch of medicine has evolved to a wider spectrum. Sports medicine of today encompasses a broad array of specialties that support the care and training not only of elite athletes, but of all physically active individuals.

Whether you’re a high school, college or professional athlete, a frequent marathon runner, an occasional jogger, a weekend tennis player, or someone who simply enjoys any type of physical activity, sports medicine specialists can help maximize function, minimize disability and ultimately reduce time away from a sport, school work, and/or job.

Many sports medicine physicians, specifically orthopedic surgeons, specialize in athletic injuries of the bones, joints, muscles, cartilage and ligaments, usually with a special focus on spine, shoulder, hip, knee, foot and ankle conditions.

Sports injuries can result from accidents, inadequate training, improper use of protective devices, or insufficient stretching or warm-up exercises.

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We are one of the top Sports Medicine Clinics in the Dayton Region

We have provided quality care for over 25 years to injured athletes all over the Miami Valley region. Our practice has built a solid foundation of sports medicine fellowship training by staying current with the latest techniques both surgical and nonsurgical in the treatment of the injured athlete.

Why Choose Dayton Orthopedic Surgery for Your Sports Injury Treatment?

Non-surgical, personalized treatment options: Our sports and musculoskeletal medicine team understands that many patients want to understand their non-surgical treatment options. Our team focuses on non-surgical treatment and therapies to help their patients achieve the best possible health and well-being, using the newest and best evidence-based options.

Your doctor will focus on understanding your specific pain or injury, as well as your lifelong goals. Using this information, you and your doctor will discuss different treatment options and develop a comprehensive, personalized plan.

Multidisciplinary care from leading experts: Each member of our team is highly trained in sports and musculoskeletal medicine. In addition, our doctors collaborate closely with other specialists, including physical therapists, orthopedists, neurosurgeons and other medical professionals, as needed.

Passion for helping athletes: We are dedicated to helping all athletes pursue their goals and enjoy their sport as much as possible. Our team works closely with elite athletes from all over the Dayton region.

Conditions we Treat

Our team helps adult and adolescent patients with sports-related pain or injuries, including:

Knee conditions: ACL or other ligament injury, arthritis, patellofemoral syndrome, knee cartilage lesions, meniscus tears, patella tendonitis or quadricep tendonitis

Shoulder conditions: Joint injuries, biceps tendonitis, rotator cuff tendonitis, rotator cuff tears, frozen shoulder, arthritis or labral tears

Hip, groin or buttock conditions: Arthritis, hip impingement, IT band or hip flexor strain, greater trochanteric pain syndrome and bursitis, sacroiliac joint pain, athletic pubalgia/sports hernia or core muscle injury

Leg, foot or ankle conditions: Achilles tendinopathy or tendonitis, ankle sprain, exertional compartment syndrome, plantar fasciitis, stress fractures, shin splints, arthritis, sesamoiditis

Hand and wrist conditions: Carpal tunnel, DeQuervain’s tenosynovitis, trigger fingers, wrist sprains, TFCC injury, fractures, ganglion cysts, arthritis

Elbow conditions: Bicep or tricep tendon injuries, olecranon bursitis, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, arthritis

Neck or spine conditions: Myofascial pain, disc herniation, lumbar strain

Women’s sports health conditions: Female athlete triad, pregnancy-induced low back pain, women’s sports care

Injury prevention
Musuloskeletal Diagnosis

Our compassionate doctors begin caring for you by first taking the time to understand the specifics of your condition, pain or injury. This may include:

Biomechanical assessment: To analyze and understand how your muscles and joints are working, if they are functioning proficiently and if they are aligned properly.

Diagnostic ultrasound: To further evaluate soft tissue in real-time in the exam room to see any muscle tears, inflammation, excess fluid or other indications of a condition. All of our sports medicine experts are trained at ultrasound-guided diagnostic evaluations to help determine the cause or source of pain, when needed.

Non-Surgical Treatment Options

At Dayton Orthopedic Surgery, our team offers the most advanced and comprehensive non-surgical sports and musculoskeletal medicine treatment options available. Our team of doctors is committed to discussing all of your options with you so that you feel confident and empowered in your decision making about your care.

Treatment options may include:

Ultrasound-guided injections: This minimally invasive procedure uses ultrasound technology to help precisely target and inject medication directly to the site of an injury or pain. This helps improve the efficacy of the medication.

Regenerative medicine treatments: Such as PRP or Stem Cells

Preventive care: In addition to these treatment options, our doctors will also work closely with you to prevent future injuries and pain. This may include recommendations for strengthening or stabilizing exercises, as well as ergonomic changes to promote better alignment or posture.

Physical therapy

Patient education: We specialize in educating patients regarding activities and lifestyles that best promote preventing pain and preserving joint and tendon health.

Sports medicine Knowledge Base

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Heel Pain

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Cortisone Shots

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What is Sports Medicine?

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