Neck and Back Pain

While the vast majority of orthopedic injuries are painful, there can be no arguing that perhaps the most concerning and debilitating injuries involve neck and back pain. Virtually everybody in North America at some time in their life will experience low back pain or cervical pain at least once in their lifetime. A significant percentage of these patients will have such dramatic symptoms and clinical findings that they will experience lost work time. Fortunately only a small percentage of these patients go on to any significant disability or necessitate surgical intervention. However, with proper treatment including physical therapy, massage therapy, interventional treatment such as trigger point injections and lumbar or cervical epidural injections, patients can experience significant relief returning to a more normal life.

It is our philosophy to avoid the use of heavy medication including narcotics which can perpetuate the pain cycle. Instead our focus at Dayton Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Center revolves around a combination approach involving aggressive physical therapy, in conjunction with massage therapy and the appropriate interventional treatment based on imaging studies that support the need for more advanced treatment. Surgery should be a last resort but if this becomes acutely necessary then rest assured that our practice utilizes only the best orthopedic and neurosurgical specialists in the area. With the proper approach relying on good clinical examination, imaging studies, and time tested treatment options most patients can experience relief with their symptoms without surgical intervention.

neck and back pain

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neck and back pain
neck and back pain
neck and back pain



Since 1993, Dayton Orthopedic Surgery has been dedicated to delivering the gold-standard for Orthopedic care in the Miami Valley. With over 60 years’ combined experience, our expert staff treats a wide range of bone and joint dysfunctions caused by trauma, sports injuries and degenerative conditions.  

From initial diagnosis all the way through to physical therapy, Dayton Orthopedic Surgery is devoted to getting you back to you again.

Happy Patients

“Listened & understood my needs before surgery. The surgery went very well, and was just as he explained. Post surgery recovery time was much less than expected. Absolutely no pain, very minimal discomfort, and was back doing my normal routine with only slight modification within 2 months. I am very, very happy with Dr. Paley & his staff.”

After another Doctor screwed my knee up and told me it was all in my head I went to Dr. Paley he has done two surgeries to correct the first one and is by far the best and most caring Doctor I have seen. His whole office staff are wonderful people that are always happy to be there and his Physicians Assistants actually know what they are doing. Great great great!