Do you deal with knee pain? Untreated knee pain will make life horribly difficult, not to mention frustrating. Make the choice to end this pain and seek help for the relief you need.

This is all good and well to decide; however, which route should you take? Remember, this information shouldn’t supersede your doctors advice! This article will help you take a closer look at Gel-One, a promising treatment for joint pain relief that is covered by Medicare insurance.

What is Gel-One?

What is the technical terms for the medication?

Generic Name: sodium hyaluronate (injection) (SO dee um HYE al yoo RON ate)
Brand Name: Durolane, Euflexxa, Gel-One, Gelsyn-3, Hyalgan, Supartz

What is Gel-One used for?

Medicine will relieve knee pain that is typically associated with osteoarthritis

How is the medicine given?

Injections to the knee by your doctor, and is typically given every three to five weeks.

Does MediCare cover this treatment?

Yes, Medicare covers this treatment. Our compassionate staff will help you navigate how to bill your insurance for treatment

Who shouldn’t use Gel-One?

Women who are nursing or pregnant. Anyone under the age of 21. Anyone who has an existing infection in or around the knee. People who are allergic to Gel-One, or poultry and bird related products.

What should I do after receiving a Gel-One injection?

To help you recover quickly DO use the R.I.C.E method after your visit.
Do avoid strenuous and high-impact activity, like jogging, tennis, or other sports. Avoid standing for an hour or longer. Your doctor will guide you on recovery times t resumes these activities.

Why should I consider a closer look at Gel-One?

Do you suffer from knee pain and other methods or pain control have failed you? You should talk to your Doctor about Gel-One. As an alternative treatment to surgery, Gel-One is available to many people. Do not continue to suffer. Ask your doctor for help getting relief today.