what is sports medicine?

Most athletes don’t think about what sports medicine is and what it entails in their daily routines. Engaging in sports can be one of the most rewarding tasks one undertakes in their lives, yet it isn’t all just fun and games.

Being involved in sports can be a lovely outlet for stress and venue for self care; however, it can take a toll on your body.

What happens when the continuous motions in your workouts result in pain instead? Or if you are injured while playing one of your favorite sports? You’ll need to see a Sports medicine physician, and possibly an Orthopedic Surgeon.

What is Sports medicine?

According to The American Medical Society for Sports Medicine it is the area of medicine that focuses on sports related injuries and ยจSports medicine physicians specialize solely in non-surgical sports medicine.

This area of medicine is closely related to what an orthopedic surgeon does. It deals primarily musculoskeletal injuries, but is a different subset because most sports injuries do not require surgery. The focus on acute injuries and overuse injuries, and when necessary, will refer a patient with advanced issues to an orthopedic surgeon. Our firm belief is that surgery should be a last resort. A large part of this field is learning how to prevent future injuries.

sports injury

When should I schedule an appointment?

If you have experienced any type of injury while participating in sports, or any of the following issues, it may be time for a checkup:

  • sprained ankles
  • muscle strains/tears
  • fractures
  • knee , shoulder, or other joint pain (like rotator cuff issues)
  • head injuires or concussions

While some of these issues may seem to be a small complaint in the moment, they can have serious reprecussions later on. Ignoring a sports injury can cause serious long term functionality issues, or cause further damage that must be corrected with surgery. Prompt and proper care can prevent matters from becoming this extreme, but you must take action. If you have sustained a sports injury, don’t linger on in pain- We can help. Our compassionate team will help to guide you from diagnosis to Physical therapy, even if you have special considerations, like a preexisting condition such as diabetes. Our goal is to help you heal and get back on the field. Don’t miss out on the rest of your season- call to schedule and appointment today.