Have you ever heard the phrase ¨Time is not on our side?¨ This is undoubtedly the case when it comes to joint damage. Our bodies sustain damage over time. Are you suffering constant aches and pains in your joints and limbs? If this occurs, its time to consider the benefits that joint replacement surgery could have for you.

The most meaningful benefit of joint replacement surgery is the reduction of pain and to restore normal movement to the affected area in daily activities.

What is Joint Replacement Surgery?

Joint Replacement Surgery sounds like a very complex procedure. The basic idea is to remove the damaged cartilage around a joint, and replace it with artificial prosthesis. There are several types of materials used to make prosthesis. Furthermore, they typically consist of metal alloys, plastic, and new materials like tantalum.

The most common types of joint replacement surgery are for knees and hips.

Why should I consider surgery?

According to verywellhealth.com: ¨Approximately 435,000 adults in the United States have a hip or knee replaced¨ on a yearly basis.

Delaying surgery can be risky too- (find out more about the risks of delaying knee surgery here)

How do you know if surgery is right for you? If you have doubts, ask your orthopedic surgeon! If you think it may be time to have that conversation ask yourself:

Are you experiencing frequent, or constant, pain?

If you said yes, you don’t have to continue to live in pain.

Have you tried other options, like pain medication, and they no longer work?

Using over-the counter medications without relief means that your joint damage has become unmanageable. This is a good time to consider surgery.

Do you have difficulty accomplishing small, everyday tasks?

Most candidates for surgery have some trouble with standing, walking, doing chores, and other tasks without help from others.

If any of the above questions hit home, you should consider speaking with your doctor about your options for surgery.

What to expect after surgery

The first few months after any surgical procedure will involve relearning how to use the affected area. Dedication to your physical therapy is imperative. It will help to decrease recovery time and ensure a better transition to full mobility.

Most patients report happily an increased sense of independence as they return to regular activities. They also wonder how long their replacement will last- It should be noted that replaced joints can last 10-15 years.

The Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health states: ¨Anxiety and pain were significantly reduced and functional activity levels significantly increased after surgery.¨ However, each case is different. Your health and activity levels before surgery can impact your results.

The only way to truly know if joint replacement surgery will benefit you is to consult a professional. Our compassionate, knowledgeable staff can help you navigate the tough decisions you face when considering surgery.

We can help you every step of the way, from diagnosis to post-op recovery. You don’t have to continue living with your joint pain. Take the first step to reclaiming your mobility by setting up a consultation today.

The Benefits of Joint Replacement Surgery