Regenerative Medicine

The Dayton Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine Clinic team are experts in providing treatments for orthopedic injuries, sport injuries, arthritis and other degenerative conditions, that will help you continue to live life to the fullest. Regenerative Medicine can help your own body heal itself. It can stave off further degeneration, reduce pain and inflammation, and help buy you time before more invasive treatment is needed.

Using some of the world’s most advanced treatments, including stem cells and platelet rich plasma, our aim is to provide you with innovative and, where possible, non-surgical treatments.

Which is why we have dubbed the coming new year, 2020, as our Year of Regeneration – The year you stop putting up with pain and start to heal.

Throughout 2020, we will be introducing you to the various treatments and procedures offered at Dayton Orthopedic Surgery. We will discuss their pros, cons and the science behind each innovation, as well as how to prepare yourself for your procedure and the aftercare involved. We will hear from actual patients of ours who have received Regenerative Medicine at Dayton Orthopedic Surgery.

$$$ We will also keep you informed about opportunities to save money! $$$

It is notoriously difficult to get prices from Doctors, Surgeons and Clinics. At Dayton Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medical Center, we believe in open, honest and up-front pricing. Throughout the year, we will offer several opportunities to save money on Regenerative medicine treatments such as PRP and Amniotic Stem Cell infusions.

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Here’s to a safe, happy and regenerative new year!