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Stem cells are the repair workers of the body. They are responsible for healing injured bone, ligaments, tendons and tissues. As we age, the body’s ability to create and transport stem cells to wherever they are needed diminishes, leading to degenerative conditions that only get worse over time. Stem cell therapy helps solve this problem by delivering a concentrated dose of stem cells directly to the site of injury, giving the body all the tools it needs to heal itself with minimal intervention and down-time.

Stem cell therapy is most effective when used in conjunction with physical therapy, physician-monitored exercise and lifestyle changes, as well as regenerative medicine treatments such as PRP, and prolotherapy.

Types of Stem Cells

There are three major types of stem cells: embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells and amniotic stem cells.

Embryonic stem cells (ESCs) are stem cells derived from human embryos, and cord blood. They are pluripotent, which means they have the ability to develop into almost any of the various cell types of the body.

Adult stem cells, or somatic stem cells, have been found in the brain, bone marrow, blood vessels, skeletal muscle, skin, teeth, heart, gut, liver, and other (although not all) organs and tissues. They are thought to live in a specific area of each tissue, where they may remain dormant for years, dividing and creating new cells only when they are activated by tissue injury, disease or anything else that makes the body need more cells. Like embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells can also turn into more than one cell type, but the number of possible cells they may turn into is strictly limited.

Amniotic stem cells are found within amniotic fluid, membranes and placenta, along with a whole host of cell types that are beneficial to healing and tissue regeneration. Amniotic fluid contains electrolytes, growth factors, carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, amino acids, lactate, pyruvate, enzymes and hormones.

What type of stem cells do we use at Dayton Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine Center?

At Dayton Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine Center, we prescribe amniotic stem cell products from FDA regulated and approved sources.

The proprietary blend of amniotic tissues that we most commonly prescribe contains amniotic fluid cells and micronized amniotic membrane, collected from fully-consented mothers undergoing scheduled caesarean section births of full-term, healthy babies. Donors are tested for communicable diseases by an FDA-registered laboratory.

The amniotic blend we trust contains cellular, growth factor and extracellular matrix components, which create an enhanced environment that supports tissue repair and offers native anti-inflammatory, angiogenic, and regenerative components.

Are you a candidate for amniotic stem cell therapy?

If you are suffering from a joint injury, joint pain or a non-healing fracture, you may be a good candidate for this ground-breaking treatment. After a careful and thorough assessment of your physical examination, medical history and diagnostic imagery at Dayton Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine Center, Dr Jonathan Paley will determine your suitability for stem cell therapy. If you are selected as a candidate, Dr Paley will personally oversee your procedure.

Call (937) 436-5763 to schedule your assessment for stem cell therapy, and find out how Dayton Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine Center can help get you on the road to living pain free.